How Partner Workouts can Improve Results

Lack of motivation is one of the most popular excuses people give when they don't want to workout, and let's face it, dragging yourself into a gym isn't always the easiest task to do when you're facing yet another treadmill run. One of the easiest solutions to the motivation struggle is finding a workout partner. Most people discover that it makes them feel pretty guilty when they decide to skip out on a planned workout with some type of partner- no matter how unmotivated they may feel. In addition to keeping you accountable to your workouts, having an exercise partner may help you work harder.

In a study published by Michigan State University researchers from Michigan State University discovered that just by working out with someone, participants of the study increased the time and intensity of their workout by 200 percent! Not only does a workout partner make you want to push yourself a little more, the emotional and social connection that you gain from your partner can also be hugely positive for your overall wellness.

More than three in every five Americans reported feeling lonely in a recent study