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SAFFP Online Personal Training

  • Weekly check-in's with your personal trainer

  • Access to SAFFP's exercise video library so you know exactly what you're trainer wants you to do

  • Custom workout plan that's easy to follow and you can do from anywhere- no equipment necessary! 

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2020 SAFFP Fit Program Small Group Personal Training Schedule

Move better, feel better with SAFFP's FIT Small Group Training

  • FIIT Box: Functional, Intense, Interval Training- a fast paced, timed circuit based small group that often combines kickboxing moves with traditional bodyweight, strength training, and cardio movements.

  • Fit101: SAFFP’s first and only women’s wellness small group! These sessions have a strong emphasis on improving stamina and core strength.

  • Flex & Stretch: The perfect combo! Sessions packed with functional strength movements designed to improve your overall quality of life. Enjoy the benefits of dynamic stretching, assisted and/or guided static stretching, and foam rolling at the beginning and end of every session.  

  • Foundation: A proper fitness foundation is essential for success. Build yours with small group sessions that focus on balance, coordination, mobility, and proper form during movement. 


Experience unlimited Tai Chi Group Training featuring esteemed instructors Dr. Maurice Olfus and Shigeko Carter! First session is free!

Personal Training 

Within St. Andrew’s Personal Training Department, you will not find a “one-size-fits-all” fitness program. You have health and fitness goals that are unique and should be treated that way!

After your initial starting point session with our Fitness Director- you will have the option to begin training with one of our certified personal trainers.


Each trainer will take you through their own consultation and work with you to develop a program that is perfect for you, your time, and your budget!


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At St. Andrew’s Parks and Playgrounds, all of our programs and services are accessible to those with physical or developmental disabilities. Please contact St. Andrew’s at 763-4360 for more information.

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