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The NOURISH Program

The global weight loss industry makes an estimated $279 billion every year. Yet, 95 percent of all diets fail. Why are we spending so much money on a system that doesn’t even work and makes us feel worse about ourselves?

The diet industry does not recognize that people come in all sizes and shapes and that we’re all worthy just as we are. Instead, the diet industry promotes unattainable body standards through restriction and guilt-enforced exercise, setting you up for continued failure and, subsequently, lower self-esteem and poorer body image. 

This is where Nourish steps in! Nourish is an anti-diet approach to nutrition that teaches participants holistic nutrition habits. By learning and committing to these gentle daily habits you can free yourself from dieting and gain a better appreciation and confidence for your body!

How Nourish Works

Through the help of a Nutrition Coach, you will learn how you can radically transform your relationship with food, exercise, and body.



The process is based on gentle daily habits that ultimately lead you to long-term food, exercise, and body goals. Your coach will help you plan out your goals and the practices that will be most supportive during weekly check-ins and follow-up sessions.


This is a research-backed approach to maximizing your body and nutrition autonomy!

How to Know if Nourish is Right for You

The Potential Benefits of Nourish:


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