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FIT Small Group Personal Coaching Sessions

Functional, Inclusive, Transformative 

FIT Small Group Coaching sessions are an effective and inexpensive way to improve your fitness and wellness in a safe, fun, and personalized environment. 

FIT session sizes never exceed ten clients, allowing you to gain more knowledge and attention from your FIT Coach.

FIT is the perfect balance between personal training and traditional large-group fitness!

Flex & Stretch

The perfect combo! Sessions packed with functional strength movements designed to improve your overall quality of life. Enjoy the benefits of dynamic stretching, assisted and/or guided static stretching, and foam rolling at the beginning and end of every session. Location: FFP FIT Training Area


A proper fitness foundation is essential for success. Build yours with small group sessions that focus on balance, coordination, mobility, and proper form during movement. Ideal for ages 50 and older. Location: FFP FIT Training Area


Functional, Intense, Interval Training- a fast-paced, timed circuit-based small group that often combines kickboxing moves with traditional bodyweight, strength
training, and cardio movements. Location: FFP FIT Training Area

Functional Strength

This session has been designed to enhance your strength specifically! Clients can expect heavier-weighted exercises, lower rep ranges, and a certified Personal Trainer to teach proper form and alignment for everything! You will be amazed at how an increase in strength can improve the functionality of your life outside of the gym! Location: FFP FIT Training Area

FIIT Endurance

This special FIT session emphasizes all types of cardio exercises and drills. Clients can expect to use rowing machines, cycle bikes, battle ropes, agility ladders, and more to increase their cardio endurance! These sessions are fast-paced but designed and conducted by a certified Personal Trainer, so you stay safe and well-cared for the entire time!

Location: FFP FIT Training Area

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