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FIT Small Group Training at SAFFP

Functional, intense, training is the core of SAFFP's unique FIT program. We have combined all the benefits of personal training (safety, education, accountability, intimacy, and motivation) with the benefits of group fitness (fun, competitive, and community) in order to give YOU the best outcome-

a better quality of life for a fraction of the cost of traditional personal training. 

SAFFP currently has 6 different FIT session options that range from strength training to cycle rides. Learn more about each session type, check out our schedule, and sign up below!


Functional, Intense, Interval Training- a fast-paced, timed circuit-based small
group that often combines kickboxing moves with traditional bodyweight, strength
training, and cardio movements. Location: FFP FIT Training Area

Flex & Stretch

The perfect combo! Sessions packed with functional strength movements designed to improve your overall quality of life. Enjoy the benefits of dynamic stretching, assisted and/or guided static stretching, and foam rolling at the beginning and end of every session. Location: FFP FIT Training Area


Functional, Intense, Interval Training- a fast-paced, timed circuit-based small group that combines traditional spin class favs with cardio and bodyweight strength circuits. Location: FFP Cycle Studio

FIT Yoga

(Available in November 2021)

 Dive deeper into your yoga practice with classes designed to push you further mentally and physically. Every 6-8 weeks FIT Yoga will change its focus, allowing you to discover other practices and techniques that are often not available in general yoga classes.

Location: FFP Downstairs Hybrid Studio

FIT Barre

These low-impact sessions focus on high-intensity isometric movements that will strengthen your entire body, while improving your core strength, posture, and flexibility using elements of Ballet, Yoga, and Pilates. After working each muscle group to the point of fatigue, muscles are stretched for relief to create tone and strength. Location: FFP Downstairs Hybrid Studio


A proper fitness foundation is essential for success. Build yours with small group sessions that focus on balance, coordination, mobility, and proper form during movement. Ideal for ages 50 and older. Location: FFP FIT Training Area

Performance Ride

Designed for all fitness levels- the intensity of your session is under your control, allowing you to work at a pace that is right for your body so you can build power and endurance. With the lights low and the music turned up, you will feel fully immersed in your session! Location: FFP Cycle Studio

Tai Chi 

Tai Chi has been demonstrated to improve overall health, diminish recovery time from surgery or injury, retard the progress of degenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, enhance balance, and reduce the incidence of falls in older adults. Location: FFP Downstairs Hybrid Studio

Saltwater FIT

The most low-impact small group session, thanks to the buoyancy of SAFFP’s saltwater pool! Low impact on joints, but high impact on endurance! This session focuses on improving your cardiovascular fitness and core stamina. Location: FFP Aquatics Center

Power Ride

You will be encouraged to push past your comfort zone and discover your cardio power! Get your sweat on to the beat of awesome music-based cardio endurance drills motivated by expert instruction! With plenty of modifications available, all fitness levels are welcome. Get ready to push, pull and pedal your way to greatness! Location: FFP Cycle Studio


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