Why You Should do Yoga

No matter where you are on the Yoga spectrum -from thinking about trying a class to seasoned practitioner- the benefits of this particular type of exercise are seemingly endless! It's one of the few types of exercise that has a little something for everyone (chair yoga, gentle, power, etc.) and has proven to be helpful for not only your body but, your mind as well.

How does Yoga Help my Body?

For starters- yoga can help reduce muscle and joint soreness. Whether that soreness is from other types of exercise, yard work, fibromyalgia, or even arthritis- even the shortest of sessions of yoga can make a significant difference and also help reduce stiffness/tightness in your body.

Although there is nothing better than strength training for getting stronger, yoga can also help to improve strength. This is because some types of poses require long hold times, which activates different types of stabilizer muscles. Because of this activation, balance can also be improved, in addition to better posture.

Probably the most obvious benefit to your body from practicing yoga is an improvement in flexibility. Not only are you holding poses for periods of time, but you're also