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St Andrew's Aquatics

St. Andrew’s Family Fitness Plus maintains an indoor, heated, 25m saltwater pool. There are 8 deep water lanes for lap swimming and a 3.5ft shallow water instructional area for authorized swim lessons, water aerobics, and water walking.

SAA Member Games!

St Andrew's Aquatics is proud to host member-led games and trainings!


Charleston Underwater Hockey

"A fast, action-packed sport played on the bottom of a swimming pool by two co-ed teams of six players. Because it's non-contact and underwater, people of different sizes, ages and genders play on an equal field - it's not about strength, it's about teamwork and skill."

Interested in organizing a member-led game in the pool?

Contact the Aquatics Coordinator to reserve space.

30 day minimum lead time, please.


Underwater Hockey

St Andrew's Aquatics Group Fitness!

St Andrew's Aquatics offers year-round deep water (8 ft) and shallow water (3.5 ft) aquatic group fitness classes.

Woman in aquatic group fitness class
group swim lessons

SAA Swim Lessons!

St Andrew's Aquatics offers a variety of swim lessons to suit every need.

Private Swim Lessons 

Our private lessons are best for anxious and shy swimmers, special needs swimmers, or students that want to progress at their own pace.

Private lessons are available on a limited basis.

Group Swim Lessons

We offer a variety of group swim lessons! Take a look at our catalog to find the class that will best fit your needs.

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