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Meet the Aqua Fitness Team

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Cynthia Schirmer

Aqua Fitness- Shallow Water

Cynthia loves teaching shallow water aquatic group fitness because it encourages others to strengthen their heart health, improve strength, and practice social wellness in a safe, inclusive environment! Her certifications include: FITTOUR Certified Water Aerobics. Outside of fitness, Cynthia enjoys gardening, reading, and mentoring high school students.

Jennifaye Brown

Aqua Fitness- Shallow Water

Jennifaye's love for aquatics began as a Neurologic Clinical Specialist at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. She conducted personal and group therapy classes with individuals with brain injuries from trauma or stroke.

Her education includes: Certified neurologic clinical specialist for over 30 years by the American Physical Therapy Association, Primary and Advanced Aquatic Fitness certifications, and a certified Personal Trainer for over 22 years.


Marian Greely

Aqua Fitness- Shallow Water

Marian loves helping members who are recovering from surgeries or injuries. Her classes are joyful, fun, and great exercise. Her certifications include: WaterArt-Shallow and Deep Water. Outside of fitness, Marian enjoys playing tennis, cooking, gardening, kayaking, and biking.

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Nancy Chiles

Aqua Fitness- Deep Water

Nancy has been teaching aquatic group fitness classes filled with positive energy at SAFFP for over 20 years! Her certifications include: Aquatic Exercise Association Group Fitness and Deep Water Fitness. Outside fitness, Nancy enjoys volunteering for the Loggerhead Turtle Program at the Edisto Beach State Park; historical research genealogy, and traveling.

Randall Paker

Aqua Fitness- Deep Water

Randall, a Julliard graduate, has always been passionate about moving to music! After retiring from professional dance and instruction, Randall pursued aquatic group fitness and large group fitness instruction. Randall’s certifications include: WaterArt Aquatic Group Fitness and Silver Sneakers. Outside of fitness, Randall enjoys home renovations, gardening, and yoga.

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