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Holiday Card Contest


St. Andrew’s Parish Parks and Playground is holding its annual Holiday Card design contest for children in grades Kindergarten through Fifth. Entries will be grouped by grades, with grades K-1 in one group, grades 2-3 in another and grades 4-5 in the other. Children will be competing against artists in the same grade levels from all over West Ashley.


The St. Andrew’s Parks and Playground staff will judge the entries received for creativity and originality.  They will pick a winner from each grade group and from those, an overall winner will be crowned.  The overall winner will receive a $50 gift certificate as well as having their artwork featured on the cover (in color) of the St. Andrew’s Parks and Playground holiday cards for this year. The other two grade group winners will receive a $25 gift certificate. (i.e., if the overall winner comes from grades 2-3, the best entry from grades K-1 and grades 4-5 will receive the $25 gift certificates).



Here are the guidelines:

  • Designs must be made on plain white paper (preferably 8.5 x 11) horizontal or vertical

  • Do not fold like a card

  • Designs must be made with COLORED MARKERS ONLY (such as a Sharpie, Crayola or other felt tip markers) No pencils, crayons, colored pencils or paint.

  • On the back of the picture, please write the student’s name, school, grade, age and contact phone number in pencil so it does not bleed through to the front design. Make sure this information is legible. If necessary, paper clip a card with this information to the design.

  • Please note that these are “holiday cards,” rather than Christmas cards.  Have your students use corresponding greetings such as “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings” if they choose to include words in their design. The more universal the better but still represent winter holidays (not Easter, Thanksgiving etc)


Please have entries submitted by 5pm on December 2nd to the St. Andrew’s Parks and Playground Administration building at 1095 Playground Road.  We will announce the winners by the beginning of the next week and begin mailing the cards after printing is completed.

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