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What is the Whole Wellness Challenge and what makes it different than other health and wellness challenges out there?

Registration for The Whole Wellness Challenge for January 2021 is now closed! Registration for our March Whole Wellness Challenge will begin on February 15th. Current Competitors: Check out your lead on the Leaderboard!

For starters, It's a 6-week health & well-being game!

Every day you play for points in each of the 5 Daily Habits: hydration, movement, nutrition, reflection, and sleep. 

You track your points through the SAFFP Fit app with a simple tap on your smartphone!

You’ll also receive a 6-week paper calendar that you can use to keep track of your points as well.

It’s not about having a perfect score every day (but you can certainly strive for it!).

it’s about being accountable to yourself and developing lifelong habits that you can feel good about.

You’re going to ditch the scale and body measurements this year!

 Instead, the whole wellness challenge helps you to figure out what makes your body and mind feel accomplished- those appearance goals will happen as you work on what makes you feel good!

Joining the Wellness Challenge also gives you access to our Small Group FIT Program! Small group sessions are just like personal training, but with a small group of no more than six people. So, you receive great personal training at a fraction of the cost! Plus, the Whole Wellness leader board adds an additional layer of friendly competition. Cheer on who’s in the lead based on total points each week by visiting our online leaderboard! (challengers remain anonymous. You will be assigned a challenger number during the registration process.)

Self-accountability is super important, but we’re still going to be here to help you with once a week check-in’s that you will schedule with your Whole Wellness Coach.

We’ll help you total up your points every week and make sure things are going well.

At the end of the 6 weeks, all participants will receive a limited edition SAFFP Whole Wellness water bottle!

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