Your Body on Too Much Sugar

Warning: This information may make you rethink that daily soda habit ... so keep reading!

We all know that sugar is unhealthy, but what exactly makes it so bad for us? According to a study published by the American Public Health Association, sugary drinks, like soda, can age your body on a cellular level as quickly as cigarettes (inside and outside aka- more wrinkles!).

Sugar is also about as addicting as cigarettes and causes more complications than just weight gain. In fact, when you eat a ton of sugar, almost every part of your body feels the strain. Sugar releases the same feel-good chemicals in your brain as certain drugs. For example, as you start to consume a piece of chocolate cake, your brain starts to release chemicals that make you want to keep eating. Once you're done eating, your insulin starts to spike in order to balance out the large amount of sugar. A few hours later you get hit with the all too familiar "sugar crash"- which usually consists of feeling sluggish, tired, and even hungry. In fact, if you've been feeling fatigued, sluggish, and like your cravings for food are harder to control, these can all be signs that you're eating too much sugar. The double whammy is when you notice you've put on a few pounds.

Because sugary foods and drinks pack a large calorie punch, it's understandable why your weight may increase if your sugar consumption is high. You could easily gain a pound over the course of a week from eating one ca