Exploring Occupational and Social Wellness

Most of us spend the majority of our week working and/or socializing. Your occupation and social interactions are both pieces of your wellness puzzle. Not only can they both be rewarding, but they can also be very stressful too. Occupational wellness in particular deals primarily with how satisfied you feel regarding your career choice(s). Are you engaging in work that makes you feel excited and passionate? Or do you dread your days and come home stressed out and tired? Being able to participate in work that is personally gratifying allows you to communicate your values- which strengthens other areas of wellness, like emotional and even spiritual. If you're discovering that your current occupation doesn't spark much joy in your life, then take the opportunity to step back and reevaluate your occupational wellness.

When you embark on the route to occupational wellness, you will discover what occupational opportunities are out there and which opportunities suit you best. Maintaining occupational wellness allows you to develop unique skills and talents that are both personally and professionally rewarding. To begin your journey, start by reflecting on yourself and your occupational needs. What occupational tasks do you enjoy? What occupational tasks do you dislike? Next, explore some volunteer opportunities that interest you. Finally, set realistic career goals for yourself and consistently work towards accomplishing these goals. You deserve to feel good about your work. Similarly, you deserve to feel good about your social interactions as well.