Burn Belly Fat for Good!

Loving yourself is an integral part of any wellness plan and usually where to start when you decide to commit to any type of wellness journey. This means loving your whole self, even the belly fat that may drive you crazy. Why is this so important? Areas within ourselves, or on our bodies, that we criticize are often areas that, even with lots of effort, are going to take some time to improve. When you practice self-love and compassion first, you learn to accept yourself for who you are- love handles and all- without self-resentment.

Loving yourself will make it easier to commit to the habit changes you will need in order to burn belly fat- nutrition, hydration, exercise, stress management, and patience all play roles in your success. The stomach is often the most stubborn area on our bodies to lose fat, so none of this will happen overnight; but by committing to the following habit changes consistently, you will be able to create results that you can be proud of.

Habit change # 1: Nutrition: Specifically cutting out most, if not all, highly processed foods. Fast food, traditional "junk food" (chips, candies, soda, etc.), bakery items, ice cream, anything breaded or fried are all considered highly processed foods. You want to reduce these as much as possible by swapping in whole, natural foods like fruits, veggies, whole grains, legumes, lean protein, and healthy fats (avocados, nuts, and seeds). Not only will these nutrition swaps help you burn belly fat (many of these whole and natural foods are considered "metabolism boosters&qu