St. Andrew’s Family Fitness Plus is excited to offer

Fin Fun Mermaid University

Mermaid 101 – Learn to swim like a mermaid.  Swimmers learn how to care for and release from their tail and how to safely pass the Mermaid Swim Test with a Fin Fun mermaid tail.

*Participants must pass the St. Andrew’s Swim Test to join Mermaid 101

Mermaid 101 Class Times

Tuesday: 5pm - 5:45pm and 6pm – 6:45pm

Saturday: 8am – 8:45am and 9am – 9:45am

Mermaid Academy - These classes teach mermaid skills such as fluke splashes, core rolls, and some synchronized swimming moves while participants have fun and build speed and endurance.

*Participants must graduate from Mermaid 101 to join Academy classes


Mermaid Academy Class Times

Wednesday: 5pm – 5:45pm and 6pm – 6:45pm

Saturday 8am – 8:45am and 9am – 9:45am

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At St. Andrew’s Parks and Playgrounds, all of our programs and services are accessible to those with physical or developmental disabilities. Please contact St. Andrew’s at 763-4360 for more information.