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St. Andrew's Parks & Playground COVID-19 Dashboard

St. Andrew's Parks and Playground's COVID-19 Dashboard is a source of information for our community, combining information from multiple areas within our agency to clearly communicate the impact of the pandemic on our agency.

For your convenience, information on this page will be updated by 4 p.m. daily.

Green Alert:

Ponderosa, Dogwood Park, all afterschool programs and youth sports

The St. Andrew's Parks and Playground COVID-19 Alert System provides a simplified assessment of our agency's status regarding the pandemic. As we learn of new cases within our different agency locations this alert system will be updated to reflect those notifications. 

Green = No suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19. 

Yellow  =  At least one Member, Participant, Contractor, or Teammate is not feeling well, is in self-quarantine, and is in the process of getting tested.

Orange  = At least one Member, Participant, Contractor, or Teammate has tested positive for COVID-19. Persons known to have been in Direct Contact as defined by the CDC have been notified.

Red  = Affected areas have been closed until further notice.

Yellow Alert:

None to report at this time.

Orange Alert:

St. Andrews Family Fitness Plus

Red Alert:

None to report at this time. 

8:30 am - 5:00 pm