Current Status of Facilities and Programs

Green = No suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19. 

Yellow  =  At least one Member, Participant, Contractor, or Employee is not feeling well, is in self-quarantine, and is in the process of getting tested.

Orange  = At least one Member, Participant, Contractor, or Employee has tested positive for Covid-19. Persons known to have been in Direct Contact as defined by the CDC have been notified.

Red  = Affected areas have been closed until further notice.

St. Andrew's Parks and Playground

1095 Playground Rd.

Charleston, SC 29407


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St. Andrew’s Family Fitness Plus!
1642 Sam Rittenberg Blvd.
Charleston, SC  29407



At St. Andrew’s Parks and Playgrounds, all of our programs and services are accessible to those with physical or developmental disabilities. Please contact St. Andrew’s at 763-4360 for more information.

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