Adult Programs

Taiko Drumming Workshops

​A dynamic art form grounded in core aspects of the martial arts, dance and percussion. Drumming within a Taiko ensemble is an exhilarating workout for the body and spirit.  Come join the fun as we gather for a musical and physical workout together.  All materials included.


Adult Ballet

Charleston Sparks Dance is bringing the art of Ballet to the St. Andrew's Adult Program!  Our head coach, Kristine Wilcox, is a classically and contemporary trained ballet dancer with a dance degree from the University of Buffalo in New York and has been educating youth and adults in the art of ballet for over 24 years.  As a former Director of Ballet, Kristine is excited to share this beautiful art with the St. Andrew's community and offer it through her Charleston Sparks Dace program.  Ballet builds strength, discipline, grace, and poise in the dancer and is a great workout for both the beginner and experienced ballet dancer.

For Class Dates and Times Contact:

Jacob Rossignol

Adult Ballet Class